Story theme - How to create a second Lookbook template

Story includes a lookbook template page you can use to create a lookbook. If you need a second lookbook, a new template and section file needs to be created manually. This will allow you to have unique content on the second lookbook page. Here's a walkthrough on how to create a second lookbook template and more if needed.


Edit code

From the Actions menu, choose Edit code:

In the left column on the top, search for lookbook:

You'll find two results, a template file and a section file. 


Create a new section

We will start by creating a new section file. Under the Sections folder, choose Add a new section:

Name the new section:



Use the Create section button to complete. 

Select all the default code that's generated (Command-A on Mac or Control-A in Windows to select all the code) and delete it:

After deleting all the default code, replace it with all the code from this file:

Click to view code

Note: This code can be used for additional lookbook templates. If you are creating another lookbook template, call the third section file page-lookbook-3 and use the same code from the above link.

Save the file using the Save button located on the top-right:

After saving the file, refresh your browser in order to help with the next step. When a new file is created in the code editor, a refresh helps with the search box. 


Create a new template

From the Templates folder, choose Add a new template:

In the first drop-down (1), choose page:

In the second field, call the new template:


Use the Create template button to complete. 

The default code will look like this:

We will replace line 3 with the following code:

{% section 'page-lookbook-2' %}


Note: The new code references the filename of the section we created in Step 2. If you are creating additional lookbook templates, then this is where you would use a new filename like page-lookbook-3.

Save the file.


Choose the new template

Now that we have a new section file and a new template file created, we can close the Code Editor and return to the Page editor from our Shopify Admin:

Create a new page or modify an existing page. You'll now be able to choose the new template called page.lookbook-2:

Choose the new template and save your page:

The page using this template can have unique lookbook content which is different from the standard lookbook page template that comes with Story. 

Final notes

Use the Theme Editor to view the page you've assigned the new template to. In the Theme Editor, you'll be able to customize the lookbook content. If you're creating additional templates, the steps are very similar. Repeat Step 2 but assign a new name like page-lookbook-3. Then in Step 3, change the default template code to reference the new section filename.  

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